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Learn step-by-step how to systematically reach any goal in life and career so nothing is off limits to you and you quickly achieve the outcomes you desire

Become a master of balance and productivity so you can do more of what you need and want with less stress and overwhelm

Strategically detox your schedule, relationships, mindset, finances, habits, and anything else in your life so you can clear the space for what you want

Experience and enjoy more time in your life as you master setting boundaries, managing your time, prioritizing, and staying on track- both day to day and long term 

HOW DO YOU KNOW YOUR lifestyle could be optimized?

Do you have unmet goals for your life, business and/or career?

Do you open your eyes and immediately start scrambling to respond to your emails and put out fires?

Are you having to say NO to your loved ones because "you don't have enough time"? 

Are you disheartened by other's successes, travels, jobs, possessions, lifestyles etc because you feel like no matter how much you hustle you STILL don't have your "dream life" yet?

Are you working so much that you crash on the couch at the end of the day and your weekends are spent playing catch up?

Are you in constant hustle mode trying to do THE MOST but the quality of your life is suffering?

Are your hobbies consistently put on the back burner because you're running around like a chicken with its head chopped off?

Do you feel like you are always out of time, money, and energy? 

Do you feel like you're on a stationary bike going 250mph but not going anywhere and you're left feeling more drained every day.

Does your business or job run YOU and call the shots of how you spend your time, money, and energy?

Do you have dreams of a thriving business or career but don't know what steps to take, don't have enough time, and don't feel confident to take the "leap"?


1. You have no balance, no time, and no energy

2. You are constantly stressed and feeling burned out

3. You don't feel satisfied with who you currently are, what you're doing, and where you're going- you're ready to up-level

4. You have big financial, health, career, business, personal, social, or any goalS- BUT YOU'RE NOT SURE HOW TO REACH THEM


You want a step-by-step system that shows you EXACTLY how to reach your GOALS with ease!








You are ready to stop the scramble and take control of your lifestyle so you can achieve the results you want in your life and career

You're READY for a lifestyle that is wildly passionate and purpose-filled so you can experience unmeasurable happiness

You want the shortcut to immediately having MORE peace, MORE joy, MORE balance, MORE results, and MORE success in your life 

You are an ambitious woman who is ready for the lifestyle you want without the hustle

You're exhausted by the feeling of being stuck and you are craving momentum that will quickly propel you to the next level

You are READY to MASTER balance and time management so you can do more of what makes you HAPPY

You are aware that this is your only life and you are ready to optimize it 


"Hannah’s dedication is evident throughout this entire process. I’ve never been more excited to wake up in the mornings now that I have pure JOY and intent as I balance my multiple businesses and projects easier now than ever! I already feel so much more clarity and balance in my life with her clear, actionable steps. I have already seen big goals happen! I cannot thank her enough!"

Mikayla, Influencer 

"I already feel so much more clarity and balance in my life with her clear, actionable steps"

1. Is the step-by-step process that transforms your life from stressed, overworked, unclear, and overwhelmed to balanced, abundant, enriched, driven, and clear 

2. Detoxes your life from negativity and automates / delegates time-consuming tasks from your agenda so that you can do more of what you love and much less of what you don't

3. Gives you real and total control of your day-to-day and long term lifestyle so that you can reach your goals, spend time doing what matters, and be the person you want to be

Your step-by-step roadmap to having the balanced and productive lifestyle you crave is  here

your step by step roadmap to the balanced and productive lifestyle you crave is finally here.

enroll today for $24.99/mo

an unlimited, all-access membership including all of our workshops, 24/7 voice coaching with Hannah, and resources and workbooks to
help you optimize

IT'S TIME TO level up your lifestyle.

Master the transformative, signature lifestyle design system
and create an abundant, balanced, and productive life so you reach your goals, have more time, make more money, and become the person you've always wanted to be.

I’ve custom-designed Your Life in Your Power for the woman like you who wants it all- so you can goal-slay, achieve big, master balance and productivity, do more of what makes you happy, and craft your dream lifestyle with real strategy—and less of a “we'll just see what my life/business/career hands me next” or "I'll just wing it" kind of strategy.

Have all of your goals broken down into milestones and strategic action steps. you will never feel like anything is off limits for you ever again because of the systematic goal mapping you've learned in this course.

Have detoxed your life from negativity, eliminated the non-essential, delegate time consuming tasks, and other critical strategies that will give you your time back.

Master the powerful mindset that will make you a magnet for more success, more positivity, more opportunities, and more money.

Execute the proven agenda method that will give you more time and balance, give you control over your day, and completely remove the weight of stress and overwhelm from your shoulders.

Establish and execute a consistent morning and evening routine around your goals and energy patterns that works for you and will give you a lifestyle of self-mastery and success.

Have "work/life balance" so you never feel burnt-out and exhausted by your business or 9-5, and can get more done with ease, joy, and intention. 

Be experiencing bigger and more frequent success in your business or 9-5 as you slay the game with happiness and mojo that you've never felt before.

Know exactly how to do your to-do list the "right way" and will no longer feel buried in un-completed to-do list tasks. 

Be more balanced, productive, excited about living, abundant, present with your loved ones, attentive to your self care and needs, energetically rich, fulfilled, positive, and more intentional with the limited time you have on earth.


by doing this program you will...

enroll today for $24.99/mo

"I was looking for a mentor and guide and was quite lost until Hannah came along.
With her intuitive consulting, easy-going personality and direct, yet gentle, approach, she has helped me so much to gain clarity in my business and my life in general.
As a busy mom of 3, a teacher and a business owner you bet your boots that my schedule is tight. Hannah has helped me see that I, too, can have a lifestyle that suits me by breaking down my goals and including myself in my life (yes, I had forgotten that!). The best part? The steps that she provides are super easy to implement AND they are sustainable! I have been following her advice for some time now and knowing when to work and when to honor myself have been essential to my success.
More time, more clarity and implementable productivity were the things I had so desperately sought and these are the things that I’ve been able to regain with Hannah’s lifestyle design program!
I highly HIGHLY recommend you join this program. Take your life into your own hands and you will never look back!"

- Ieva, Teacher & Consultant at Simply Ieva ESL

"I HIGHLY recommend you join. Take your life into your own hands and you will never look back!"


When you sign up for Your Life in Your Power you also receive a 1 hour long private consulting call with me when you complete the course so you can ask questions, dive into your specific situation, and receive personalized feedback just for you

 For as long as you're a member, I will be available for private coaching using Voxer- it's like you and I have walkie talkies and you can ask me questions whenever you need help or need to bounce around an idea

 Only open to students of this course, you get VIP access to Live Q&A's, coaching from Hannah, community support, exclusive resources, and trainings that are not shared with the public. Make friends, expand your network, and rise together as you master lifestyle design

module Workbooks

You will receive printable workbooks that you can use to journal, process, answer questions, and do homework for the course. This will maximize the results and enhance the learning experience for you!

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The program features an ever-growing library of resources and supplemental exercises which are uploaded regularly to support your learning and practice so you have all the tools you need to level up no matter where you are in life

Like info-packed podcasts- but better. The program is filled with audio lessons, exercises, and challenges so you can optimize your lifestyle from anywhere in the world, on any device 

Instructional video lessons for the visual learners- showing AND telling you exactly how to master the strategies and lessons within the workshops


enroll today for $24.99/mo

Every month, an exclusive instructional Q&A lesson will be taught to answer the top questions from the YLIYP community

"The fact that you can enroll in such a powerful, life changing program for less than $1 a day is incredible. I have felt a HUGE decrease in stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion since Your Life In Your Power. This program and all the supplemental coaching and support helps you to design the lifestyle of YOUR dreams using an easy to implement system that works. Do it!" -

Katie, Actor

"a HUGE decrease in stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion since Your Life In Your Power"



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"In this program, Hannah, while incorporating her steady guidance, walks with you through the entire lifestyle design process, and speaks truth into your life as you shape and execute a vision that maintains your human design and purpose."

Hodges, Advocate 

"walks with you through the entire lifestyle design process"

create the the optimized lifestyle you really want

Are you ready to go from stressed, stuck, and overwhelmed to a lifestyle with
more time, balance, productivity, and abundance than you didn't even know was possible?

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